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Hymns of Spirit

by Beautiful Chorus

Faith's Hymn 06:19
Openly dreaming of all that creates your mind Telling a story Exposing your light Fly high Sing your soul Cause there are dreams Yet to be dreamed Stories yet to be told It's time to open your heart It's time to open your heart
Darling 03:00
Darling, darling You're beautiful Gotta keep your head up Never let anything bring you down The sunshine will always come around Stay strong, move on You have such a beautiful soul Let your energy radiate Darling, darling Remember days will get much better Darling, darling You can make it through the stormy weather Darling, darling Please don't ever give up Darling, darling You gotta keep your head
Inner Peace 04:04
Please let me feel Inner peace From my center At the center of me My heart is open I am aware In me is a knowing Of love, love, love
Sing through my voice Play through my hands Let the way be open
Pachamama 02:18
I wanna be free so free like a feather blowing through a breeze, Like a bird in a tree, like a dolphin in the sea I wanna fly high so high like an eagle in the sky And when my time has come i'll let it all go with a sigh Pachamama I'm coming home To the place where I belong I wanna be free to be me Be the holy being that I see Not to rise and not to fall Be at one with loving all There is no high, no low There is nowhere else to go Except inside Open up your heart And be just who you are Pachamama I'm coming home To the place where I belong
I've got peace like a river in my soul.
Please prepare me To be a sanctuary Pure and holy Tried and true With thanks giving I'll be a living Sanctuary for you
There's a light so bright Burning deep inside You got to feed it Heed it Let it be your guide It's the only hope we have The only hope we have Spirit's calling Through heart's desire Destroying fear with love's fire Sleeping warriors now awaken To the cries of those forsaken It's the only hope we have The only hope we have
This little light of mine Used to be too scared to shine When mine met yours it would run and hide But in time I came to find I wanna shine so bright It makes this whole world smile And pay back the beautiful feeling That allows me to be Whatever I wanna be And I am gonna be Free and easy
I couldn't hear nobody praying I listened wisely and talked enlightening talk But I feared And then I come to know my power Count my blessings And all became clear But I couldn't hear nobody praying Couldn't hear what no one was saying Had to learn my place Among these saints My grace I had to get to know myself Before I could ask it of anyone else And in listening to and in following my heart I found it was a perfect start And now I hear Somebody praying Now I hear what they were saying Now I know my place Among these saints My grace
Be the love Be the light Hear your voice Spirit's calling Awaken to the rhythm Of the falling rain Surrender to the moment Let it wash your pain away You are the love You are the light Lift your voices Spirit's calling You have enough You are alright You've got a choice To stand from falling Beauty shines from the inside out
Thank you for your blessings Your guidance is wise indeed Thank you for your blessings Your lessons live on in me


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released October 2, 2014


all rights reserved



Beautiful Chorus Orlando, Florida

High frequency love music.

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