Love is at the Core

by Chakra Khan



released June 11, 2016

Chakra Khan is Alexandra Love + DiViNCi of Solillaquists of Sound
All original lyrics written, performed & recorded by Alexandra Love
Produced by DiViNCi
All songs written & performed by Chakra Khan (A. Sarton & G. Valencia, Jr.)
for Solilla Publishing, LLC (BMI)
All songs mixed by Ricardo Sangiao
Except *Tracks 08 & 10 also mixed by Salvatore Pecoraro
and *Track 09 also mixed by Beef Wellington
Mastered by Ricardo Sangiao
Executive Produced by Chakra Khan
Design by Chris Tobar // all rights reserved © 2016



all rights reserved


Beautiful Chorus Orlando, Florida

a divine 12-woman galaxy of sound

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Track Name: Future
Do I rise only when you fall
Or an illusion
Do I use you or honor you
Do I use me or honor me
What is at the floor of all my thought
Where is the room
Where my dreams are kept
Nighttime is my shadow’s ease
Bring my demons to the day
Or they remain a menace
Do I rise only when you fall
Is it all real

Call it out
Our greatest fear is letting it go
Embrace new power
Inside, inside, inside
There is wisdom
Inside, inside, inside
Do I¬¬ only rise when you fall

Future, future, future, future

Sending your saviors
The artist, your children
The heart driven
Into a raging solitude
When we stand out
Your persecute us
You’ve programmed them to obey
But your system fails
They are still saints
Closest to your world
Furthest from the surface
There are spirits who know
They explode into space
Can you face them now
In their rightful place
Place them high like clouds

Set it up
Our greatest fear is ascending
Embrace no ending
Decide, decide, decide
It takes wisdom to decide, decide, decide
Where we have come from
You cannot guess

Future, future, future, future
Track Name: Battleground
You think that this is the end
It’s falling away
Some stare without any understanding
But they’ve got so much to say

Sympathy abounds
Jokes swirl round
You question your place
But my love
Your worth is not determined that way

Lay your disguises down
Set your armor free
Come with me
This is a battleground
Shame will only weight you down
Come with me

No gains to embarrassed and ashamed
I am living proof
You may forget it all together
But they won’t follow suit

Be prepared be strong
The road is very long
When you’re forging it new
And my love
Our paths will make the greatest debut

We’ve wasted too much time on fruitless feats
Stop living your life by what they’re thinking
If you don’t we leave it all to them
If you won’t we start over again

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go
Let go, let go, let go
Track Name: Becoming
What is essential
That I remain me
Or that people agree
With the person I show them
Can it be both
Where do I go
When nobody gets it
Into the forest
Thoreau, though thorough
It neglected
What could be done
When I’m more than expected
How do I teach you my language
When no one before me expressed it
Using the same words
Is all I have
Signaling back to the home I invented
What I have witnessed
Is people too busy with sin of their own
To go without incident
Giving no credit to life on my planet
Keeps us at a distance
Shying away is a violence equivalent
Social anxiety warns that
We’re failing our mission
Conditions, always the culprit of people
Who live in the shadow of
Power delivered by external systems
Aren’t you sickened
Then why continue to lie
In a bed that you didn’t make
Giving restrictions
To everything that you have ever loved
Limiting skill and the incoming visions
Of children
It’s wicked, convincing
Conditioning will have you stand and stare
While I pour out my heart
And you’re not even blinking
People are crying alone
And then smile when everyone’s drinking
Nature is here and it’s nurturing
All of the wounds we’re bleeding from
Go to the limit of where thought
Is imminent, pushing beyond
If you want to get anything done
Of substantial quality
Your comfort zones

Are poisoning
I will not sit
On bridges to greatness
I’m going, I’m going, I’m going

I accept myself for who I am
I accept that I am different
And I understand
All the brightest stars
Were shining far ahead of their time
High above
I love who I’m becoming

Hiding who we are
Ain’t so comfortable
Why stay quiet trying
To always fit in
Take that chance
Say how you feel
We’ll find commonplace
Place when we are real
Track Name: Pulse
Pulse, we’re putting out the call
The war outside is false
It echoes from within
Presents itself again

Isn’t it strange
How we call the outside world
Crazy, deranged, insane
There’s a pulse and it’s fading
But we claim we’re still alive
Through all the feelings we negate
We can do better
We’ve sacrificed
Too many thoughts to sadness
And the anger in our minds
We’ve praised perfection
Over connection, over connection

There’s beauty on the other side
If they can keep us from getting there
Maybe we’ll continue to fight
That’s their hope
But peace is known from inside
Not behind imaginary lines
Your guess is good as mine
If they can keep us fleeing enemies
Maybe we’ll continue to hide
All is dark, powered down the mind
For convenience
In a stream of imitation life

There’s a pulse of denial
Like a lifeline, we’re clinging tight
A place where others are to blame
And fame is worth any price they name
But we know better, we’ve sacrificed
Too many nights to violence
And too many days to shame
We’ve praised perfection
Over connection, over connection
Track Name: Love is at the Core
I am learning the new
I am courageously discovering me
I am only interested
In genuine interaction
I am feeling peace

I am alive
And I thrive with ease
I am the creator and
I am not here to cater to you
I am here to be pleasing to me

Awakening love
With every step
When I figure it out inside
Then you and I can connect

And it’ll be real
No cliché no niceties
Cause if I can’t be honest with you
About who I am
Then how are you supposed
To get to know me

Or treat me right
I can’t expect
For you to read my mind
When my own words I can’t express

I put in work
And others who have come before me
Are leaving signals
All the answers have been written
We must only see

It’s just one view
But hopefully you’re doing the same
And we can meet at the summit
Cause it’s coming and it knows my name

I’ve been this way
Many, many times before
And it’s about love
More than anything cause
Love is at the core

We are redefining success
We are unlearning
What we thought we knew
We are equal to you

We are in tune with the universe
And we are in bloom
We are gardening so pardon
The dirt in the room

We live in joy
As often as possible
We are unstoppable
We got the optimal stance
We don’t hold back

We do not chase dreams
We are developing skills
We realize there’s more to living
Than just paying the bills so

Love is at the core
Track Name: Clarity
When day to day
Plays and replays
We must engage
In ways unique
I call it out
My spell is bound
Clarity, discover me

We are more powerful each day
A spectacular display of light
We are made from all the galaxies up above
Knowing we needn’t go far
To realize who we are
And walk upon the earth as one
Touching the sun

Staying on a path denies it
Being a seeker and we never find
Truly it’s elusive to the undecided
Finding clarity

Clarity, discover me
I am at peace, my thoughts at ease
Track Name: The Way I See You
My love
My determination
Fuel this existence
I have peace
I find prosperity
With no resistance
This desire
I am holding for
My highest radiance
Keeps me grounded
I am focused
My heart cause
It just makes sense

But in my life
Things have tried to teach me
When I thought
They were pulling me down
And in my life,
People tried to reach me
I couldn’t see
Where I fit in but now

I know my worth
I see my beauty
So I know yours
It’s so clear to me
Can you see the way I see you
I hope you do

I am ready to take
My leap of faith
Positively, definitely
I’ll be winning all the way
Centered in purpose
I know myself better every day
Getting to focus
Together we can
Take on anything

I create myself anew
I’m adventurous and
A true friend
I’m here til beyond the end
You are quite the brightness to behold
You’re brave and you are bold
Alive with laughter
You matter