Reaching Field by Alexandra Love

by In Curses



released April 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Beautiful Chorus Orlando, Florida

a divine 12-woman galaxy of sound

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Track Name: Hummingbird
You should know that wherever you go I’ll follow
If you’ll let me, would you please accept me
It’s not easy being the one no one sees
And if you let me go with you I’ll surely thank you
Thank you...
I’m your hummingbird
We can fly on any path you’d like
Forward, back or side to side
At speeds most would shy from
It’s easy being in your arms I’m pleased
And if you care
My joy for you says always always always
I’m your hummingbird
Not just a girl,
But your fifth world, fifth world

You should know that I’d do anything for you
Track Name: More Time
My unsatisfied self refuses joy and
Screams don’t look at me
These dreams have not been heard by my cruel god
I see no unparalleled wealth inside
Though I know it conceptually
The practice of releasing, it feels so odd

I can’t stay here with only mine
Let it go or be trapped in time
And I just can’t stay in my head
Talking sense only mine
Gotta let it go and don’t expect
That is how we’re trapped in time

For the moment I’m in
And can allow the drama to be
Told or folded over by someone other than me
In yes and giving what is a chance I get more
Than a mental state of scarcity
Could ever have imagined before

Can you give me more time
Track Name: Only So Much You Can Say
I give my word
I know you heard
Me and what I said, I
I know you’ve got to
Go your own way

Sometimes, there’s only so much
You can say

Every lesson is broke down and placed
Into special categories
By the mind for a safety
We don’t need

What use is hate when we’re same

Sometimes, there’s only so much
You can say

Put myself on the line
Time and time again
Put my heart on the line
Time and time again
Track Name: Come Down
There’s a place she go
When she don’t feel safe
Took me there
And said it’d be okay
And now, her castles falling down
Was a quiet rain for masking such a rage
Showed it all and then screamed go away
And now I wanna tear this castle down

I wish she would come down

Spent many nights
Trying to reach her imaginary heights
Saw me coming and turned out all the lights
And now she can’t find her way down
Wouldn’t even try
If I hadn’t heard her cries
It’s all a game, my heart had been the prize
But now, the winning streak is out

I wish she would come down
Track Name: Light Come In
My kind
Is misunderstood and undefine
In all these lines
All the time

Oh the time is coming,
Oh the tides are turning.
Yeah our love is plenty,
We are strong and many.
I insist,
Light come in

My height
Is misunderstood and undefined
By the mind
Every time

Oh the time is coming,
Oh the tides are turning.
Yeah my love is plenty,
And I know we’re ready
I insist,
Light come in
Track Name: Moon Water
it's cold,
on the road
and no one
low and behold,
i notice you're
always watching

in a stellar galaxy
you would love and marry me
every night my cup is full
pull me up and closer to you
rise the tide and wash away
all the things i could not say
even when the time was right
who are you? moon water.
i am.

it's told
you know
bout the worlds
to come before

and if
we miss
our gift
you'll tell our story

in a stellar galaxy
we would learn our history
every night be dreaming more
consciously and closer to you
rise the tide and wash away
all the efforts we won't make
even when the time is right
who are you? moon water.
i am.
Track Name: Two Types of Sky
I stare up at the sky
It’s blue like usual and I’m captured
Just a little more than yesterday
If my conscience were here what would he say but
Girl you’re fractured

And it’s okay, it’s okay
It’s okay to love the sky
But girl don’t fall for the hover-over-you type

There is a clutter down here
It is the opposite of what I’m after
My heart it sails above
In the infinite ecstasy of non-matter

You do reside above and so I ask
Can we have the love I want,
You are so above
Why can’t we have the love, love, love I want
Oh sky I’ll be discreet, can we meet is it okay
Track Name: Room of Men
World’s coming over
Not to play today
Just a ways away I can hear her cry
Saying it’s a sobering
Experience to know the time
When it’s time to say goodbye

You left me in a room of men where
Anything could happen
You left me in a room of men and
I became just like them

Thunderous complications
And frustration to go unheard
All who turned away from indications
Would surely burn when it’s time for tides to turn
Track Name: Mister Gunn
Early fog, rolling in
O’er the road
Boxing the sun
Trusted nine, temple side
And he sighs
What have I become

Yesterday’s too far gone
Tomorrow it never shows
Sorrys I have to give
And this are all I owe
Mister Gunn

Middle sun scorching high
And it burns
Like time undone
Parted sky, his shaken cries
As he asks
Can battles be won

Evening rose
Only grows
Where the tears
Of vanquished men have fallen
He goes there, blood in hair
And he blows
His only chance to call them
Track Name: Reaching Field
I imagine the whole world on their tippy toes
With arms stretched out to imaginary goals
Will we ever hold them I hope so
When the wind comes
We may think our wishes float away in air
But they are still there
With this invisibility it’s hard to be sure
But they are already actually in our hands
An impossible question it seems
Where they are, if they’ll stay
Where they’ve been, or where they’ll land

Outstretched arms
But nothing’s ever granted
All these hands
No one’s clapping
I am in the reaching field, struggling for the height of love

We would argue bout the details of keeping peace
They were blended and my arms extended, but not to you
We’ve got our reasons and we’ve got our views
It’s a selfish position to take, forgive me it will never change

When the night comes, sparks between us,
We look down, our feet are planted trees
Flairs and wisps through our branches
We are trying to save our grief

Outstretched arms
But nothing’s ever granted
All these hands
No one’s clapping
I am in the reaching field, struggling for the height of love
For the height of love